Yogaweekend & Retraite: in Heveadorp, Wageningen & Gorinchem

Yoga and Meditation Retreat and Weekends in the Netherlands

The next weekend that you can join is 26 – 28 October 2018, in the lovely Yogahouse in Twello – with splendid environment and a relaxed and beautiful programme.

yoga retreat meditationLive fully from your Inner Light

Are you searching for a welcoming place of retreat, reflection, and where you can advance your spiritual development? retreat yoga weekend bij het YogahuisDo you want to relax, gain peace of mind, experience the power of the now and live fully from your inner light?

Know that you are welcome here. Join us for retreats, meditation teachings or support for your existing meditation practice, advancing your intuitive development and personal growth. Join a yoga weekend, detox holiday or course in awareness.

Retreat Centre Andere Boeg is a special place for meditation and yoga retreat weekends.

Stay aboard the beautiful and comfortable yogahouse in Twello with its spacious garden. This special place for reflection offers an amazing supportive environment for retreats and in deepening your practice. Programmes are all-inclusive, providing comfortable private or shared accommodation, vibrant and lovingly prepared vegetarian meals each day, where possible organic. You will get quality support throughout your stay. We stimulate you to integrate the meditation exercises into your daily life so that your spiritual growth continues effortlessly. Your inner force and inner peace will deepen, and you will develop the ability to live fully from your inner light.

Wellness at your retreat

For an even more complete experience during your spiritual growth, you can book various soothing massages or sound healings. We have multiple top-quality masseurs/masseuses who work with us.

yoga weekend Twello gardenMeditation and yoga retreat weekends

Yoga weekends not only include yoga practice, but also meditation exercises, energetic pranayama and full support for deepening your practice. Each yoga weekend is a brief but ultimately relaxing retreat.