Yogaweekend & Retraite: in Twello, Vaassen & Wageningen

Marloes van der Kamp and Teus van der Stelt  founded Andere Boeg in 2006 and transformed to its present guise. Courses are given by Marloes. Teus is the captain of Andere Boeg and works as a light artist, mostly for orchestras and theatres.

Marloes: I know from experience what is necessary to live fully from my inner light. The rebuilding of the ship Andere Boeg taught me above all to trust and surrender. Trust which stems from within myself. To trust that life brings you what serves you – even when it is hard. It brought me finally to a deep understanding of the soul. I have developed the BOEG-method to support others in this beautiful process. The four pillars are: Be present and aware, Open communication, Expression of the soul and Give.
I am thankful with all my heart that I can do this work and that I can keep gathering wisdom through all of my experiences.

Meditation is part of my life, and that is what I want to bring to my participants; not only a weekend of meditating, separated from your daily life, but to reach further than that, integrating the meditation state-of-being into their daily lifes”.


Our mission is to contribute to a loving society by teaching people to live fully from their inner light.


To live fully from your inner light, most people need a development process, to heal the wounds, created by life experiences, gain more consciousness and experience your soul. Then, the realisation comes that there is a fundamental goodness in life as it presents itself to you.  Our retreats and meditation weekends will give you the tools you need to speed up this process.