Yogaweekend & Retraite: in Twello, Vaassen & Wageningen

In all awareness courses and retreats at Andere Boeg, you work according to the BOEG method.

Teus and Marloes developed the BOEG method to live fully from your inner light.

It is not a ‘quick-fix method’ but a way of life that opens up an unknown and unlimited stream of possibilities.

The BOEG method has 4 pillars:

Be present and aware

Open communication

Expression of the soul and

Giving state of mind

Be present and aware begins with choosing for your life here on earth. If you do not feel totally at home here, if you have the idea you cannot fully accept how life goes, part of you is not present. It is your ego who has difficulty with life, not your soul. To choose to be here 100% is really a choice. The choice to be present is a choice for the truth. This creates a basis that provides a feeling of security and the possibility to live fully. It brings overview, clarity and wisdom. Your process of personal development deepens. You get a more open-mind and can see things more objectively. Wounds are recognised and healed; then you live more fully and more from the moment. The now becomes more important and your spontaneity develops.

It takes dedication to be aware, as your process also takes you to places outside of your comfort zone. Changing or more insight can also be difficult. Sometimes the resistance is tough. A good question to reflect upon is: ‘What is the price I pay for not changing?’ Reflecting upon this question can help you to be able to dedicate yourself to your process. And this process will take you to inner peace.

Open communication means that you will always tell what is really true for you. This sounds simple, but that is not always the case. It means that you do not say things strategically. You do not say things to please the other nor to punish or manipulate. You are honest and open about what lives inside you.

Be aware of all of your strategies and trace them actively, as even for yourself, they can be well hidden. If you know which strategies you use, then let the truth be more important than your own hidden agenda. The result is special: if you are dedicated to the truth, the truth will reveal itself more deeply to you.

Expression of your soul means to show yourself, and express whom you really are. This is of great importance to be able to live fully, and by that, also experience the fullness of life. The language your soul speaks to you is totally different than the language of your ego. In our society the language of the soul is often under exposed. But if we learn to understand the language of the soul, we can experience our life from trust and love. Then life is not heavy, painful or devastating, but enriching and full of peace, whatever your situation. If you live from your soul, you will notice that you have much more energy and peace and to live fully becomes naturally.

Giving state of mind is here not meant as a verb, but as state-of-being. If you are present and aware, dedicated to your process and truth, and if you are more in contact with your soul and express her, then life flows fully through you… You radiate this to yourself and others. This full stream of life is a giving stream of abundance. When you give in this way, it leads you to a deep fulfilment.
In case you cannot experience abundance at the moment, then thankfulness can be a port: broaden your outlook, what runs well in your life? What do you have to be thankful for? This can be any tiny simple thing, as a cup of tea, the sun shining, a flower that is blossoming; the point is to redirect your energy toward thankfulness, as this will raise your energy level.

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