Yogaweekend & Retraite: in Twello, Vaassen & Wageningen

slaapplaats vierdaagse op schip Andere Boeg in Waalhaven Nijmegen

During the summer ship ‘Andere Boeg’ is mostly found in and arount the beautiful city of Nijmegen.

The third week of july is the week of the ‘4Daagse’, a big walking-event. During this event, we accommodate participants who walk these 4 days.

Also, Nijmegen is the place to come onboard for our summer weeks. In Summer, we give retreats, yoga and meditation holidays and Jaana gives her shiatsu chair massage education week.

During these weeks, ship ‘Andere Boeg’ sails to the most beautiful places in the neighborhood, like the ‘Kraaijenbergse plassen’ and nice little cities as Cuijk, Grave, Gennep and Arcen.

Andere Boeg stays in Nijmegen in the ‘Waalhaven’, harbour of the river ‘Waal’. It is a nice broad harbour, close to the city and just outside the party-area during the ‘4Daagse’.

Nijmegen - ligplaats Andere Boeg

Do you have any questions? e-mail us at Nijmegen@andereboeg.nl

slaapplaats vierdaagse op schip Andere Boeg