Yogaweekend & Retraite: in Twello, Vaassen & Wageningen

Celebrate the summer in style at the Yogahouse in Twello, near a parc and the gorgeous Dutch riverside of the IJssel

Between July 15 and August 5

Deepen your yoga practice and enjoy …

Do you want a meditation and yoga holidays in the Netherlands? Here, you can combine a yoga holiday, meditation retreat and personal growth during the summer. Choose from a wide variety of activities: hatha yoga, relax yoga, pranayama, diverse active and less active meditation exercises or enjoy mantra chanting.

The perfect week to deeply relax, de-stress and reconnect with your life energy again. Totally away from the daily business you can enjoy life to the fullest.

Enjoy the tranquility of nature, quietness and peace. Come and nourish yourself: practice yoga, meditate and participate in mantra chanting, or find a lovely spot to create your own inner peace.

Your Yoga Teacher:

All yoga and meditation lessons will be given by Marloes van der Kamp, certified yoga teacher with more than 15 years of teaching experience.

hatha yoga en meditatie weekenden workshops en vakanties in spiritueel centrum Andere Boeg

Experience the inspiration of the beautiful programme, the environment, the lovely garden and of your fellow holiday mates.

Do you want to join? Register yourself now.

Practical information:

Times Yoga Holiday: arrival at dag 1 between 19:30 and 20:00 (after diner). Departure on day 8 around 17 o’clock.

* A yoga holiday is inclusive all meals. We provide sustainable catering, vegetarian and as much as possible organic, and add love and care to your food.
* You will stay at the beautiful yogahouse in Twello.
* With top quality matrasses so you can rest very well during your yoga holiday.
* Inclusive programme and tea/coffee.

If you like, you can book individual guidance, massages or sound healings.
Exclusive bedlinnen (please, bring with you or if needed, rent for € 12,50 per set) and drinks/ snacks.

Group holiday: we experience the week together, with the group. The group supports you to be exactly who you are, act as a mirror and is good company to create your perfect holiday. Everybody is an important part of the group. To strengthen this, everybody helps to get the ship clean and comfortable with a daily task. This is a perfect way to integrate a meditative state of mind into your daily life, and it is also very nice to do a simple task once in a while, which stimulates your peace of mind (karma yoga).

Location: Twello is near Deventer, it is well reachable by public transport (15 minutes walk from the station) and there are free parking places nearby.  There is very sweet cat aboard, her name is Cisco. He is not allowed in the sleeping rooms nor the yoga room, but he might be available in the garden or the living room for a hug. 

Book this Yoga Holiday in the Netherlands
Stay in a 2-person room: € 650,-
Stay in a room for yourself: € 800,-
Or book together with a friend in a 2-person cabin: € 1250,-

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